A long strip of black electrical tape was pulled off the roll, the end ripped free with the yellowing enamel of a steady smoker's teeth. The strong flow of unpredictable wind made posting the details of the pictured loved one nearly impossible to accomplish without two hands. But it must be posted on this bathroom door for his life or death might very well hang on the attention of a randomly passing stranger.
How many would walk by and not notice this cry for help? 

How many might glance then turn away not seeing any value in the information? 

How many might stop and stare then forget everything they read after their next Facebook notification arrived? 

How many people's lives in this small town would be even slightly affected by the paper printed only hours before, held in place by these four stripes of black tape. 

Jonah Roberts 
Last Seen November 8th
How many would care? 
It doesn't matter how many. 
                 It only takes one.
Plans. We all have them. It’s been said “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.” Newly married, Lucas and Faith Anderson are enjoying every bit of their whirlwind romance. But how will they respond to a surprise gift from God when it does not fit in to their lives? Can they leave their ideas behind and get on board with God’s grand plan? Or will stubborn pride and jealousy tear them apart? Take a powerful journey with them as they struggle to raise their moral temperature in an attempt to find acceptance and peace with God’s will instead of their own. 

ABOVE 60 is a very edgy Christian Fiction novel about accepting God’s will above our own. It is a stand alone book as well as the second installment in the DEGREES OF DISCERNMENT series which follows Faith and Lucas Anderson through other life issues that cause their moral temperature to rise and fall.
Contains strong language and sexual content, representing the reality of the world we live in, while maintaining a moral Christian backbone.
Hard Cuts
In SEEDS, Holden was a wealthy, womanizing jerk with an honest streak and Joni was a married mother who used a night of sex with Holden to get even with her porn addicted husband. They accidentally fell in love, but ultimately, couldn't hold it together. 

After an eighteen month break-up, some horrible drunken decisions for him, and an ugly divorce for her, Holden and Joni decide to give it another go only to discover, love and lust isn't always all that's needed to make a life long commitment work.

Holden wants to solidify their relationship with an impulsive wedding but Joni isn't willing to jump the gun; not until they go through couples counseling together. Digging into their insecurities and dysfunction is the only way to give this relationship which began in an affair a true fighting chance to not end in another divorce.

You will laugh (Holden is truly hilarious), you will swoon (these two are hot together), and you will see how deeply God can and will stand behind a second marriage.
Transplanting Roots
Love is a strange thing, but so is God's master plan for our lives.

Tabitha is set to marry the dashing (and hilarious) Jordan who dated her through her college drop-out pregnancy with another man's baby. But when, Lawrence, her best friend, roommate, and the father figure to her daughter confesses just a few days before the wedding that he has fallen in love with her, she finds herself in an emotional bind.

Lawrence has been Tabitha's rock for as long as she can remember, she even convinced herself she was in love with him at one point but there was only one problem-Lawrence is gay. So how can she believe he really loves her when he makes his confession? Homosexuality is not something that can be prayed away, and doesn't everyone deserve to have the love of another that is mad, passionate, and far exceeds friendship?

This book is the final installment of the FRUIT OF THE VINE series and neatly ties the entire series together, ending with an amazing finale that shows how God uses every single thing in our lives, good and bad, to achieve something amazing for His kingdom.
Marriage. No one ever said it would be easy, and Lucas is about to find out just how hard it can be. Will the raw love he has for his wife keep him from the unthinkable or will he have to say goodbye to everything he ever wanted? Doubt, temptation, the world’s evil and absence can u-turn any relationship, but can Lucas and Faith’s commitment to God and their vows bring them full circle?

360 DEGREES is a very edgy Christian Fiction novel about dealing with disappointments, temptations, and making the choice to love in terribly difficult circumstances.

While it is a stand alone book, it is also a follow up to 30 BELOW and ABOVE 60 making it the third installment in the DEGREES OF DISCERNMENT series which follows Faith and Lucas Anderson through other life issues that cause their moral temperature to rise and fall.