One day while Wendy was visiting family in Virginia, she stumbled across a painted rock hidden in plain sight. She walked past it at first but then turned around and picked it up. The beautifully decorated stone turned out to be a part of the Kindness Rocks Project. Wendy joined in nearly immediately, painting her own creations with positive messages and sending them out into the world for random people to find.

If you have found one of Wendy's rocks, know that it is one of a kind and she hopes more than anything that it brightened your day. Feel free to keep it as a reminder that you are special, but also feel free to pass it on to someone else by placing it someplace where it can be found again. If you want, message Wendy and tell her what you thought!

She hopes you will join her in tossing at least one random act of kindness out into the universe every day!